Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Holy shit and hallelujah...Master Luke.

Now while I am playing the part of Scrooge McDuck with my toppins and tenpennies preparing for my journey to the west coast I can hardly keep myself from shooting first and pulling the trigger on this wonder of modern man.. I mean...
Dear great God..
There have been great achievements in nerdery (The Guild,  Topless RobotHan Solo and R2D2 shaped ice cubes, no overdraft fee checkings) and there have been great ACHIEVEMENTS IN NERDERY!!!

Now while the whispers in the sand dunes of Tantooine have been of Han Solo dancing to...

...I have never been so conflicted about anything in my life.
Well maybe that time the devil was like "You won't make in the entertainment industry until your 30s but you will find a great bar called Doyles Corner."
Needless to say I said "Yes" then and I will say "Yes" now. Looks like the the will power is lacking but the mother f*cking force is gonna be wicked strong with this one.

Alec Baldwin gets engaged.

Dumbo love.
So this happened. Alec Baldwin is to marry and elephant statue. I kid. The 54 year old actor is getting hitched though. And while the headline should be enough...wait there's more. The lucky lady is a 28 year old yoga instructor. While I doubt they share a common yogi I'm sure they plenty to talk about. 
Bride to be.

Not bride to be.

Right? Riiight. The last time I saw Alec Baldwain was in the Lincoln Center lobby and the man looked as if he hit a sharp corner he would burst...and no he wasn't carrying a yoga mat in his Jansport.
If my memory serves me correctly wasn't this the guy that was lamenting about not being taken seriously about his career? Which I get, but falling into every old rich dude stereotype post lamentation doesn't help your case for "no, no, these still waters run deep."
Congratulations Alec Baldwin. And Happy Birthday. You've officially won in the life category. You pursed your lips and dipped your chin enough times to rob the cradle blind.